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The #1 Thing You Need to Create Magic in Your Life...

Is this one simple answer, with a complicated network of potential sources.


Without energy, there is no Magic.

At the heart of all Magic, you will find energy-in-action.

How can you cultivate more energy, so you can create more magic, in your life?

Look at energetic manifestation through the lens of mind, body, & spirit.

  1. Start with the body; This is your queue to check wellness body basics. Sleep routine, healthy meal prepping & eating on time, somatic healing, and fitness. A neglected body will spur feelings of neglect, and self-worth issues could run amuck. Don't give up on you! take good care of your Temple.

  2. Mind; What stories play through your head and are they true? Does that thought give you energy or drain your energy? Magic is ultimately the meaning we give something and the intention. The more curious you become with your thoughts, the more power you will gain over your mind. This will give you freedom, ultimately, in all your relationships and can break that glass ceiling along with a deeper connection to your own intuition.

  3. Spirit; I can't say this enough- Get energy healing, give energy healing, and enjoy vibrational healing in all its forms! The more clear you are with when your energy is good, aligned, and uplifted.... the more you will protect it, seek it, and manifest it. It becomes a vicious cycle of growth and good things. Shifting your vibration will result in more long-term joy. But I warn you, any relationships that were founded on lower vibration exchanges, codependency, or loose boundaries, will go through a shedding process. It's all for the highest good, you get to thrive unapologetically and feel the relief of freedom!

Today, it is your opportunity to create more Magic.

Get excited knowing your dreams are almost here.

Bring intention through ceremony, meditation, and focus into your daily routines and services.

If you are interested in...

  • Evolving on a soul level

  • Getting in touch with your intuition

  • Combining healing mind, body, and spirit in your business behind the chair

  • Building relationships in community with like-minded holistic stylists

Join the Wellness Stylist Evolution

Apply For the Wellness Stylist Mastermind and coaching program.

  • Group calls for integration, question answering, and inner healing.

  • 15+ hours of Holistic Offerings training and inspiration.

  • Guided soul-level energy release shamanic/reiki hypnotherapy

  • A downloadable price increase spreadsheet to plan your price increases IN ADVANCE! Life made simple with scripts and a playground for remembering and running your numbers! This is a $500 workshop bonus in the mastermind :)

The world is better with your love, share, and be compensated

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