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Don’t let other women tell you to play small

One day a woman’s light will shine and no man or woman will judge. I truly believe that. Where another woman motivates you to ALSO express all of your best qualities, because they aren’t afraid, and it will be seen as inspiration, friendly competition, and a level up environment. You can have rolls, hairy legs, and your experience doesn’t devalue your wisdom.

I was recently at an event with tons of women, had a chance to tell a story about exactly this. Another woman inspired me by doing something I wanted to, and I finally stood up because if she could do it (and I wanted to do it, different)... and the immediate response was distaste. I could see it on her face. I was viewed as untrustworthy and Immediate judgement that my intention was to compete with and crush another woman, I wasn’t sharing, and I took someone else’s light and opportunity. The pain in my chest was crushing.


So I sat there explaining my intentions away to someone who couldn’t believe that it is good to be inspired by others to be better. To get off the bench and try, go all in, chest out, and may the best gal support and celebrate the results. That it could be funnnn!


My worst nightmare is my intentions misunderstood and I had to sit with the fact there are so many who are taught to share to the point of giving away, that self pride is narcissism, being boldly you somehow is taking from others and isn’t respectful. There is no scarcity of room to be you no matter what your appearance or experience. There is only deprecation of self worth. Only you can give yourself this.


You are a glorious expression of Light/Love/God. Do not pull the shades down on your spirit because of of others insecurities. Those unhealthy souls will always look to judge. Allow yourself to be triggered and as Pema Chodron would say... learn to stay. Feel it, it will teach you. Namaste to all the glorious souls living out loud, showing your power, intelligence, and sex appeal. I respect you.

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