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Book a one-on-one session with Abbey Rose for clarity, creativity, and renewed power.

Virtual and In-person available

Come with a question or simply ask for guidance from spirit.

20 years BTC, 6 figure Business owner

Trained Life/Energy Healing Coach,

below offers possible coaching options


3/6/9 Month Business & Transformational Coaching

You get to live your best life, but are you?

  • Elevate your mind, heal your past, crush your goals

  • Build your Wellness salon services, schedule, & pricing

  • Manifest your dream life.

Through Hypnosis, NLP techniques for rewiring the brain, Intuitive Energy healing modalities, together we create personal and business dream goals that are achievable and trackable. We track numbers and your level of joy and overall health with equal value. Get after that dreamlife!

Shamanic Illumination + Extraction (60 minutes)


Shamanic Illumination frees your energetic field of old beliefs . This 2,000 year old practice works with the spirit body and energy centers (chakras). Informed by the traditions of Peruvian Shamanism, a Shamanic Illumination process is like preparing the soil of the Earth for a season of growth. Helping us to clear the soil of the soul, prepares us to remove spiritual weeds and plant seeds of transformation and new beginnings. 


Shamanic Extraction is received after an illumination process (can be in the same hour), if something in the spirit body that needs to be extracted is revealed. Supported by Louise Hay’s concept of illness lying in the spirit body before manifesting in our physical body, a Shamanic Extraction can clear us from limiting beliefs, cyclical thinking, and negativity toward ourselves and others.

It is preferred to hold Shamanic Illuminations and Extractions in person. 

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I can get relief from Abbey’s touch and her bright light heals. Great Reiki recommendation and the intuitive readings are wonderful.

If you have ever felt like your life is a jumbled ball of yarn, Abbey not only can help you untangle it, but she will help you figure out how to turn it into a masterpiece.

Abbey did miracles with me in readings as I worked through some tough soul searching and adjustment in my path. She lives and breaths what she does and teaches.

Kristina B.

Crystal B.

Lisa H.

Hypnosis &

Transformation through Relaxation

(60 minutes)


When you feel stuck and can't figure out where the problem is, going deeper with strategy and intentional relaxation release the conscious mind from blocks. Expect feeling refreshed with a renewed drive towards your best life.


Available virtually and in person. 

Psychic Reading & Coach Session

(30-60 minutes)


Enjoy a psychic reading & map out your next level up steps.

A reading can help you build confidence, resolve conflict, and provide a greater understanding of what you want and how to get there. Incorporate your heart desire into your path towards your greatest destiny.  

Available virtually and in person. 

Reiki & Distance Healing

(60 minutes)


Reiki, a healing art from Japan, helps us clean up our energetic field and transform how we use ourselves in the world. By working with our energy centers (chakras), Reiki gives us relaxation, replenishment of what we need. Renewed strength, reduces aches and pains, often used for fast healing and rejuvenation.

Available virtually and in person.