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What’s the number one thing holding you back from your dream life?

For years I didn’t get this…

The level of commitment one has in being the same. This commitment is subconscious, meaning we are often unaware we are holding on to an old pattern. It often feels out of our control and is accompanied with a feeling of “why does this always happen?” Or “this is just the way I am/they are/it is and I can’t do anything about it”… yet it persists to drain you, distract you from completing your goals, and maybe even piss you off repeatedly.

Maybe the pattern that holds you back was drilled into to you before you were old enough to agree. Maybe it was a fleeting moment that inspired a thought that defined for you how “the world works” ages ago and you had no idea it was informing your reality ever since. Possibly, it is an ancestral wound that was passed down energeticall/intellectually/genetically. Maybe you came into this world with past life wounds that have manifested currently as bewildering fears. w

No matter how our being gets stuck in a singular reality… at some point we crave something more (Cue human angst and restlessness).

Now is your chance to begin your journey towards something better. Like nature, our garden of life, our desired crops and results… all begin with good soil. Pulling out the weeds of old beliefs that no longer serve, digging in, rustling up the earth, adding back nutrients and nourishment. This is the way we grow amazing results.

Unearth the old commitments that kept you the same, dig up their roots and make way for new beliefs. What story, roles, and old energy cords have you tied to barren lands of the past? this is what we will discover, release, and transmute on Sunday January 2, at noon PST… join the event LIVE and gather with a community of Wellness Stylists and high vibe creatives who are ready to feel the upcoming evolution.

This is phase 1 of goal setting for an epic self discovery year and I hope to see more of you in it. sign up here for the NEW MOON 2022 Manifest Meditation Event. Your zoom link invite and journal prompts will be delivered via download.

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