Summer Pre Launch Now Open!

Reserve your spot in the Summer Mastermind quarter during Pre-Launch, June 11-17 and receive a discount code for any Wellness Stylist kit of your choice!

Here's what you'll get:

  • Accountability for your wellness services

  • Dreams into action steps. Tackle your to-dos together

  • Live group calls including education, dynamic live discussion, check in and accountability, and live model demonstration, guided meditation

  • Access to members-only content and resources

  • 1 on 1 coaching (for Ruby & Pink Diamond membership levels) to tailor your services, based on your unique medicine, into steps for your evolution as a Wellness Stylist

3 Membership Options to choose from

Pink Diamond Membership
Are you ready to go all-in on your business?
To leveling up the experience of your clients, growing your wellness services
For reaching big goals this quarter to live the life you desire?
Are you ready for action steps, deep healing, living your best life, and shedding what no longer serves you?

This membership is for you!​

Ruby Membership
Are you looking for more accountability, action steps, and personalized direction?
You know what you want and need a little extra time and help.
Ready to fill out your to-do's for your own healing, growing your services, and living out loud as a healer? 

This membership is for you!

Citrine Membership
Are you exploring ways to level up your client experience, infusing more wellness services into your packages?

Curious how you can have more physical, financial, and spiritual wellness in your own life as you serve your clients?
Do you want to see the inside process of a service blend that includes energy healing and hair treatments as the focus?
This membership is for you!