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Heal & Empower

  • Psychic Mediumship 

  • Akashic Records 

  • Tarot and Dream Symbols

  • Reiki II

  • Shamanic Practices

  • Embeautiment Practitioner

  • CEO of Abelia; Sustainable Wellness Salon

  • Energetic Arts Business Coach


  I love learning, connection, family, my Aussie, cooking, writing, creating, and life on the beautiful Oregon Coast.

  • Stylist for almost 20 years, workouts and hiking take up my mornings and Hulu, my nights.  

  • I love Juicing, Doritos, & chocolate... it's complicated lol ​

  • Enneagram 2 wing 7, Aries with Leo Rising and an overflow of fire energy in my star chart. ENFP-A on the cusp of Introvert.

  • I've been a Healer all my life and professionally trained for 10 years

Reading with Coffee

Meet Abbey Rose



Inner healing & Mindset
Business Coach

I am so glad you are here! 

I cannot wait to connect and help create more ease and abundance in your life!  

Wellness is the Future.

I am passionate about holding space for you to do your inner work, move old energy out,  guide, and help you see your unique path toward genuine joy and fulfillment.

All about Personal Empowerment; success stems from clear goals and boundaries. Manifesting successful businesses requires growing one's personal power and an abundance mindset. These healing arts gave me a skillset that empowered my life and offered freedom to live a life that gets better and better.

"The healing arts have helped me level up financially,  spiritually, heal from trauma, overcome grief, embrace my purpose, and ignite my gifts and personal power. I have never felt more limitless."

-Abbey Rose


Let's stay connected!

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Our greatest responsibility is to be in good ecology to ourselves, others, and the planet.

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