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Help! I am a hairstylist and I'm at max capacity dealing with everyones emotions...

I have gotten into some very dark places in my career feeling this way, and can relate. I got so tired I could fall asleep and not wake up. I didn’t want to leave my career, but I was exhausted from what I was doing.

There’s a process of letting go of holding other peoples energy. Find joy in your ability to simply witness, knowing, that there is nothing more needed from you. Relationships are not about being in the same emotional state at the same time. Empathy is not about getting under the covers of other peoples emotions and laying in bed with them all day. I used to believe these things until I realized to the transformation is in being witnessed and celebrating that each one of us is on a journey towards growth and sometimes the growth looks like getting to rock-bottom.

"Rock-bottom is a very transformational place of healing and committing to something different. It’s not our job to take somebody else’s rock-bottom away or their suffering." -Abbey Rose

It’s our job to love unconditionally and let people do their thing, knowing they have the power to move through it and grow. That it will happen when they’re ready.

Grandparents get this I think. Listening, having faith that people have what it takes, we will all get through this, and there’s not much we really need to do.


Emotional stamina and empathic boundaries is my jam and I am celebrating your decision to do something different. To hold space differently. This may be the year that hairstylists release the fixer and I am here for it!

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