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High Vibe Stylist


We are are on a mission to help Stylists Elevate energy, change Mindset, and offer aligned luxury salon experiences while creating more abundance, profit, and freedom.

1:1 High-Vibe Coaching and Peer Support

Ready to elevate?
Together we rise!

Mastermind Is OPEN!... 
Early Bird Pricing Ends January 17th!
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go deep on your why...

strengthen your alignment to your bigger purpose and manifest more abundance, profit, and freedom

Dear Stylist,

I've been where you are...
You KNOW you have the potential for more... but for some reason, it just feels hard to make the changes?

Maybe it's been on your heart to:

✨Follow through with those tasks you know will scale your business
     - Hi reels, we see you. 

✨Elevate services that enrich the guest experience and ALIGN your brand
     - High Vibe luxury services, holistic wellness, best experience 

✨Create a better balance between work & life 

✨Finish building financial abundance and sharing your price increases

.. But there's a resistance that maybe you don't quite understand.

The truth is, you can't clear the way for abundance and ease without releasing the past. 

You love and care about others, and want the best for everyone, but find yourself loosening your boundaries and standards to please everyone.

Maybe you're afraid of change because of what others might think.

Here's what I want you to know...

There is a big difference between taking care of your clients and being a people pleaser.

There is a big difference between good customer service & self-sacrifice. 

On the other side of the discomfort is the biggest, BEST version of you!


I'm Abbey Rose

Stylist for 20 years, Salon owner for 15, and Professional Intuitive Reader/Reiki master for 10 years- The journey to wellness and abundance has been filled with lessons I feel are powerful and life-changing for all stylists and entrepreneurs.

I used to double book, take every client, and offer every service while working 60-hour weeks as a booth renter in a salon that didn't support me. With minimal profits and no life, I had to grow and start doing what I loved. I wanted to be healthy, have a safe space to do my craft, and stop being a Yes-Stylist.


I was energy sensitive and wanted a space where I could let that be my superpower. I manifested a space to do just that, my business exploded and I am now a 6 figure stylist working 25 hours a week with my fave easy services; curls, hair and scalp treatments, and rich colors. I was ready to share my techniques, processes, and skills for creating change and expansion. So excited to hold space for your high-vibe evolution.​

​Abbey is trained in...

  • Master Practitioner Neuro Mindset Programming

  • Master Hypnotherapist, Life Success Coach

  • Reiki Master & trained Psychic Empath

  • 6K Holistic Wellness Salon Owner


Build your Brand Services & Identity


Become a Money &
Dream Client Magnet


Align with your Why,
Find your Purpose

Here is what you'll get...

We are the only program that combines:

  • Monthly 1:1 Life Coaching & support

    • Building your dream life with me as your sounding board & loving accountability.

    •  Permanently shift mindset through proven techniques that cut cords with old ways.

    • Energetic expansion & support from a Reiki Master, Master NLP Life Success Coach, Empath​​

    • Monthly Live Group Mastermind Calls​

      • Connect deeper with peer stylists that are exploring their intuition and personal growth

      • Community discussion offering high-vibe luxury holistic services

      • Peer support with Goal check-ins ​

  • Guided Hypno-Meditation for the CEO designing their life

    • Your energy and clarity are about to get an upgrade

    • my most powerful guided meditations for connecting with your inner CEO and intuitve

  • Full access to the Wellness Stylist Library

    • Over 10+ hours on elevating your cut experience, holistic scalp health, manifestation energy, & a high-vibe salon experience

  • Over $700 of Bonus Courses

    • Goodbye Haircut only webinar- increase your profits and client satisfaction

    • Prosperity Price Increase Plan will auto-populate when to increase, how to tell them, and offers a playground to create your aligned high-vibe offerings! Complete with scripts.

    • Guest Speakers from the holistic hair community shedding light on their journey towards abundance.

Black Watermark_edited_edited.png
Black Watermark_edited_edited.png
Hgh Vibe Stylist Gets...
Mmberhip payments

If you are still on the fence-

 What would it be worth to finally be able to understand your bigger purpose and WHY and actually feel:

  • Fully and completely aligned with your brand, service offerings, and message?

  • Get excited to show up on social media because you know exactly what to say and who you are talking to

  • Loved every client and service each day and felt compensated richly for them.

  • Had a roadmap to your price increases, the 1:1 support to discuss them, and future increases planned

  • Worked less and lived more through freedom manifesting practices.

Early bird pricing closes Jan 23! 

Interested in working with Abbey?

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