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Secret to clear communication with anyone:

Wether it’s clients, team members, friends, or family here are some things to sit with.

-Trust you AREN’T being unreasonable... if there’s friction you are saying yes to something you need to say no to or need to change your perspective ( trust yourself)

-love them enough to let them go, whoever stays authentically wants to. The tug of war in relationships goes away when you let go of the rope. Want what’s best for all... sometimes that means something different than you, you can still be an amazing star! don’t try to fit in a round hole if you’re not round, be a star. Being different doesn’t mean being alone.

-Stop the judgement. On yourself and others. It is what it is. Suffering is caused by the inability to ACCEPT what is. If you feel it should be another way you aren’t trusting, accepting... which causes pain, loneliness, and self doubt

- Don’t be afraid to grow beyond all the people that have gotten you to where you are. We all grow at different speeds. However you propel yourself towards you dreams, you have permission to soar.

-Who and what are you loyal to? We cannot be loyal to our past and future at the same time and they are and will always be different. There will always be change. If anything, be loyal to the unknown, this is when we are growing. The known is the past, comfort, and unchanged habits.

-The most precious relationships will strengthen as you change and grow. We can’t all go with you, your destiny is yours alone. I have faith in you, I trust you, I’ll love you no matter, go chase after that invisible feeling that connects you to your best life.

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