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Enjoy some inspiration for choosing the right tools, and exploring more wellness services!


Wellness Stylist Inspiration E-Book

Join the Wellness Stylist Movement!


  • What is a Wellness Stylist?

  • Can is really solve burnout?

  • Can it really increase profit over 20% and lock in trust and reputation?


Yes! Download your e-book below!

Enjoy, Wellness Stylists!


Podcast Episodes

Successful Stylist Podcast

Ever hear of wellness services?

Perhaps adding heathy rituals toward your salon experiences. For 20 years, Abbey Rose has been a stylist & a trained psychic empath, dedicating her last 10 years to helping others find their bigger why. Through meaning, and integrating wellness services in the salon, Abbey Rose is a wealth of knowledge...

Abbey Rose Successful Stylist Podcast.JPG
Debra Shepard Podcast Abbey Rose intervi

Guest Speaker,

Abbey Rose shares personal stories, embracing change, and stepping into personal power. Click for a link to Apple podcasts. 


The Beauty Solopreneur

Abbey Rose,

and IBP Founder Lynzie Smith discuss renegotiating the hustle, dealing with feelings of isolation, mentorship and support, and unlocking your subconscious.

Click for a link to Apple podcasts.

Secret Life of a Hairstylist

Big shares on the hairstylist evolution, living out loud as who you are behind the chair and on social media, mind body spirit care. From the power of mirror neurons to using salts for energetic self-care, and the journey towards authenticity and personal awakening. Sharing how to hold your boundaries and stay healthy.

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