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Where are my Empath Stylists at? 

Think back to Beauty School...

Why did you start doing hair?

If you answered because you love making people feel happy, then you are a natural Wellness Stylist!

We training, we can strengthen intuitive and energetic skills for a better life & truly amaze and relax clients!

You impact your clients energetically. Know you can do it with skill.


Do you know how to maintain healthy energetic boundaries, energetic etiquette, & share the science behind it all?


Proven results with medical backing, Energy work training and Intuitive services in salons is whats next for salons.

Become a Hair Soulist!

Wellness Salon Coaching & intuitive energy training

 To help energize and inspire Stylists with...

  • Zero energy at the end of the day

  • Overwhelm from the environment, peers, and clients

  • The boundary struggle 

  • Burnout; the search for something more fulfilling

  • Goals not being met 

  • Not knowing what you want

Learn to:

  • Read yourself, others, & the room better

  • Control consults 

  • Brand with a strong intention

  • Personal Power and connecting to your why on a cosmic level

  • Learn Professional Etiquette and Boundaries

  • Intuitive skill improvement 

  • Overview of Wellness Methods

  • Service Menu & Marketing 

  • Script for Wellness service offering and explaination

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