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Getting ready for the big event! 

2021 is calling! Woot Woot!

Freshen up that energy field, clear your mind and get ready to dream big. 

Here is your opportunity to plant the seeds of manifestation!

Energy Reload hour is intentionally set for the night before an all-day plan your year course with Britt Seva! 

We are going to get you lit from the inside out and totally relax you for a good nights sleep and dreams of a manifested abundant life.


It's the perfect time to open your creativity, heart, and possibilities. sign up below!! 

Current Wellness Stylist event sign up

Wellness Stylist Events Sign Up

December 27 at 6pm PST

Energy Reload hour- Give yourself a fresh start and new energy. Get ready 2021!

I'm interested in:

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2020 Clearing Destiny Retrieval

2020 Energy Reload Hour

December 27 at 6pm PST

  • 2020 Clearing & Destiny Retrieval Meditation will clear your mind and energy field of the last 10 months. Your mind will be a clean slate.

  • NLP (Neurolinguistics Patterning), Hypnosis, and Reiki Energy healing will be blended special for this event. This is usually a $250 offer that I am giving away for all to create something better.

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University Sign up

Get in before January 6!

Sign ups start December 6, remember to subscribe to get the info of when  its time to sign up!
Wellness Stylist University with Abbey Rose Wellness Coach for Salons
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