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Love letter to the empath, the giver... Put your boundaries on girl!

The energy you spend on other people....what would your life look like if you spent it on yourself?

Would your life be ”the life you love” if you gave 110% to THAT purpose? Your own happiness.

I promise, you will be happier. You will be more relaxed. You will feel valued. I cannot promise everyone will stick around as you start choosing your best life. They may not be capable of raising to your new vibration. They may demand you stay the same, wallow in complaints with them and make them feel okay about their choices by keeping them company. I can promise those who leave will be a weight lifted off your shoulders.

You may freak out, feeling like you've done something wrong by choosing you. You may want to turn back to no-boundary-land. If you do that, your suffering will prolong. Fear and discomfort is part of the process... Not a sign of poor choices.

Feel fear, know it may feel like life is ending. Because it is, as you know it. Your best life is waiting and you can't do both. Start being informed by your intuition and dreams and stop being informed by the fear of love lost. Feel how your life could be more joyous and let your heart feel it's way towards that as you make your little daily decisions. Little decisions daily... Yes to you. Yes to boundaries. Stick to it. You got this.

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