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When is it time to truly become the stylist you need to be to live more abundantly, with more profit and freedom?

Fall in love with your services and clients again. Now add the value of being happy and healthy, inspiring your clients by shining your light, because you know exactly what to do. You can live your dream life with the right systems and key mindset shifts.

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Is it time to uplevel?
Do you want more ease in your price increases?
Are you ready for more freedom and to offer more relaxation, wellness and luxury?
It's time to share your authentic self and connect with high vibe stylists who are expanding too!



  • High Vibe group coaching

  • Access to Wellness Stylist Library

  • Build Your Holistic Sessions

  • Prosperity Price Increase Plan

  • 1:1 Get Unstuck Coaching Calls

1:1 Coaching

  • 3 Month Container

  • 6x 1:1 Coaching Calls

  • Goal Setting

  • Removal of Energetic Block

  • Intuitive Offerings Guidance


  • Find the Next High Vibe Event

  • Host a workshop

  • Get Certified in Reiki

  • Holistic Hair & Scalp Ceremonies


6K High Vibe Service &
Wellness Coach for Hair Stylists

I coach hairstylists to build the life they desire through Mindset transformation, energetic upgrades, and systems that create profitable, marketable, high-value client experiences and relationships.

Grow your intuition & unique medicine, so you live a passionate, joy-filled lifestyle through marketable luxury services and a personal, high vibe salon experience.

Become an energetic magnet for the life you desire.

Members said...


This helped pull me out of the funk I’ve been in, and actually helped me see beyond this current reality. I’m so grateful to say this workshop was the blessing I needed!!! Thank You, Abbey for this beautiful experience.

If you’re feeling stuck, this definitely may be the extra nudge you need!

She was able to figuring out that I was hiding who I truly was, just by the colors I chose for my brand. This tied into past experiences that I was holding on to. She gave me the courage to be BOLD and show my authentic self in my brand colors.

She helped me slow down and listen to myself in a way I hadn’t experienced before. Her work is rooted in love for what she does and how she can help others.

Ashly S.

Georgette C.

Paula M.

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