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The Level-Up Yo-Yo

Have you ever thought "I am doing so good!"

Things started to feel exciting. Mad love and creativity in the air, and life was flowing...

She asked me to laugh... and because I sounded ridiculous, the laugh was genuine within seconds. Sometimes it pays to try, even when you feel ridiculous.

... and then life happened.

Insert chaotic life event; car problems/ family issue/ sickness/ accident/ and any and all stressors that completely screw up our vibe and motivation... and I'm like,

"What did I do to throw off that amazing manifesting vibe?!?"

Thats when our minds can run amuck like a greyhound off its leash. Thoughts whiz by, sending messages to our psyche, telling us to

  • play it safe,

  • this might be the wrong path,

  • I don't deserve this anyway,

  • who am I to try for this?,

  • I must have done something wrong that created this mess,

  • hide,

  • I'm not loved and no ones helping me,

  • Get back to the place you know is sheltered from this horrible sensation of failure.

This response varies with each individual, based on the amount/type of challenges that have occurred in ones life, successes, the level of pain and difficulty one has experienced, how often, and what kind of support was/is available (mentoring/parenting/nurturing) to help us see the bigger picture in a life experience and push us up and through. Inevitably, our loved ones will fail us in some way, we will fail ourselves (really wanted to add quotes to "fail" as its subjective)... The trick is to not let it get you down, and to not create a story around it. Feel your grief, let it go, and be open to change. If we are sitting on a pile of unfinished emotional business we will not be able to tell what is a message from spirit and what is self sabotage/self worth issues. How then, can we connect to our dreams an purpose?

"All great changes are preceded by chaos." -Deepak Chopra

Leveling up means growth and being different. "New" can feel exciting and scary, which takes practice to accept as normal and over time the 'scary" sensation can lessen. The mammalian part of our brain has this funny thing it does when its out of its routine (you know, the daily life that seems to make sense and do the least amount of harm... proven levels of safety) and yet we feel the drive to move forward anyway. The brain may tell you to stay the same and avoid pain. One of its main jobs in our existence is keep us safe from harm... which was useful as a toddler when we had to learn not to touch hot and sharp things. It will store the most complicated memories and experiences to manage all forms of discomfort and suffering. It will stamp memory files with a story to expedite the prevention of pain in a split second. Someone said hurtful things to you? The brain will label that person and file it for next time so you can avoid it or change it. All on its own. Now that we can see these reactions are natural, we can expect it. If we want a different story and life, we have to be aware of whats going on first. We are going to have to rewire the brain, or at least what stories we invest in.

Why bother? Why not leave life as it is? Because, another side of human nature is adventure and need to learn, connect, and grow. If we are lacking this in life, it can easily lead to, or be the result of, depression and anxiety... both of which have a strong connection to the story we have attached to an experience, memory, expectation and the struggle with fully processing life as we experience it. As we try to level up, the greatest skill set we can foster is the ability to shut down old stories and fear-based chatter... and start listening to our heart. We were never meant to stay the same and when we force life to remain as is and stagnate, out of fear of loss and change we suffer. Don't deny yourself of your dreams, no matter how big or small. If theres something blocking you from your greatest life, know whatever it is, you have to power to overcome obstacles through practice with your mind, loving yourself enough to stay present through the process (even if others don't), and know getting back up and tuning in to your heart time and time again is the biggest difference between a life of want and a life fulfilled.

fear is normal and expected. As, we evolve, we listen less to the reptilian and mammalian brain and more to our passions and creativity

You will, at some point, want to run and hide... if your dreams are big enough, and I hope you do allow for crazy big life goals. You can totally make it happen. Expect the Level-Up Yo-yo to happen to you and when it does, you will know you aren't a failure, it's normal, get back up and keep going. Release any emotions and beliefs that tell you you are less than worthy and re-focus on your best life. Our lives have a rhythm, an ebb and flow.

Sometimes we are in creative zones, sometimes a cleaning house mode, hibernating down time, or life-boss financial rockstar and they flow like the stages of the moon. Each are important and necessary for a healthy soul, don't neglect what your heart is needing and discover the difference between needs and avoidance. Avoidance can occur from weak follow through mental-muscles, fear of failure (which is also a self love and self worth issue), or trauma... It all boils down to love.

Can you love yourself enough to be LOYAL to YOU?

  • Are you willing to build the muscle within you that holds a boundary to your own negative, fearful thoughts? (remember these will lessen over time as you release emotions and experience successes through your follow through and in the doing of dream manifesting)

  • Do you feel you are allowed to be free of the old traumas that have shackled you to the past?

  • Are you willing to let go of the perks of staying the same (expect another blog post about this)

  • Can you make room at your table for the group of loved ones who see who you are and are ready to celebrate and support your growth?

If any of these questions brings sadness, constriction in your chest, a desire to stop reading and run... that's your cue to:

  • Find an emotional release mentor, counselor, energy worker to assist in shedding the old emotions/beliefs/energy that reside within

  • Be willing to sit with your unfinished emotional business longer than you want to at first

  • Really, be with yourself. Create white space in your life, know this is a choice

  • Acknowledge your current life may come from old stories and wounds that are creating your reactions and decisions today... and that you don't need it any longer.

  • Hold your dream with firmness as one of your biggest priorities. Your greatest potential is worth this level of loyalty.

My goal is to shed light on the Level-Up process. If parts of us are ready to move forward and some parts are left with strong energetic and emotional ties to the past, it will fee like a yo-yo effect if we are trying to grow in only one aspect of ourselves. Leave no aspect of yourself behind and your personal power to manifest will astound. Basically, don't skip leg day. Don't skip emotional release or any other part of your mind, body, spirit that needs attention as you uncover your true passions and desires. In this life, you really can have your cake and eat it too. If you have any questions, I encourage you to email me, schedule a reading or one of my Shamanic services: Illumination, Soul Retrieval, Destiny Retrieval... Whatever resonates.

"Let your Level-Up be a wholistic one and your growth will occur exponentially" -Abbey Rose, New Leaf Empath

check out this great read on how the brain works for more science:

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Thank you!!! In all the great coaching programs and growth formulas out there, the one thing I’ve had to go elsewhere to fulfill all my needs is the practice of loving and holding sacred space while ones wounds are exposed, cleaned, and bandaged. If our wounds are still festering from childhood, how the heck are we supposed to fully adult?


Loved this so much, Abbey! Change is scary but good scary sometimes.

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